Our Vision

우리교회는 애틀란타 지역의 청년들을 향한 꿈과 마음을 가진 교회입니다.
이땅의 청년들을 통해 세상을 변화시키는 참된 그리스도의 제자의 삶을 위해 함께 사역합니다.

Loving God

Jesus, God in the flesh, in great love, absorbed God’s righteous wrath against our sin and bridged the gap between us and the Father.

Loving Each Other

The church is a new community. We believe that believers should be belongers. You can't be a spectator in the body of Christ, so our communities ought to be places where people know and are known.

Loving Our World

We’re not here to condemn our culture or simply survive it. We’re here to transform it for God’s glory.

Service Time & Location

Friday Service: 8:00PM

Early Sunday Service: 10:00AM

Main Sunday Service: 11:00AM

Kids' Sunday Service: 11:00AM

Campus Meeting & Bible Studies

Tuesday Gathering @ UGA: 6:30PM

Wednesday Gathering @ Emory: 6:00PM

Thursday Gathering @ Wesley Foundation Georgia Tech: 6:00PM

Our direction

Let's Get In Touch!

If you would like to know more about our church, please email our pastor or call the number below!

박희철 목사: 678)978-2099